O2HeaL Resort with healing
Makes your travel a festivity.
O2HeaL Resort with healing
Makes your travel a festivity.

• Life is Festival •

Reset your body and mind with new vitality at O2HeaL!

We contribute to growing O2HeaL wholeheartedly and slowly. We embrace everything in life as a festival and plant our hearts throughout O2HeaL. 

We share happiness with a warm heart and smile. 

Welcome to O2HeaL!

Ocean View

Ocean view rooms that overlook Sehwa beach


A breakfast full of

healthy Jeju's food


Yoga and meditation for your body and mind

About O2HeaL

Life is a festival!


Ocean view in all rooms that overlook Sehwa beach

All 36 rooms, with five different types, feature a blue sea view of Sehwa beach in Jeju. Experience panoramic views over the sea and the sky, lying on your bed in your room. In addition, the Sehwa coastal walk in front of our resort creates a magnificent experience and moments even on a windy or rainy day.


A space for 'rest’ with relaxed

A café Sehwa-dang for breakfast and conversation, a sky lounge with a breathtaking view of the Sehwa sea, and a meditation hall to focus on yourself comfortably during your stay at O2HeaL. Explore and experience in comfort.


Meditation and trekking

O2HeaL provides meditation and trekking programs. A unique experience with meditation at the beginning and end of each day! Select trekking courses will also guide you to fully feel Jeju, a land of healing, life, and peace.

“O2HeaL is”

O2HeaL helps turn the lives of modern people with weary bodies and minds into festive ones due to their thoughts and endless compulsions.

We hope our programs focused on our dedication and awakening will help you renew your life.

Entry deposit account: Shinhan 140-013-560-730 O2HeaL Jeju Branch 

 O2HeaL Jeju monthly trekking contact: 010-3030-3172